Meet the band

Cathie:  Vocals

Originally from just outside of Calgary, Alberta, Cathie grew up listening to old time country music artists. She is a rocker at heart.  Her early influences included Pat Benatar, Blondie, Annie Lennox as well as blues rockers such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. When not playing with Gone Blonde, she is out kicking butt on her bicycle. Canadian girls rock, eh!

 Andy: Guitar

Andy is originally from Newcastle, England. He is addicted to foot pedals and loves to be the first to arrive on the scene. He spent his youth listening to Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Page and Michael Schenker.  When not ripping hot guitar licks for Gone Blonde, he spends time with his very tolerant and talented family.

Marlon:  Drums, vocals

A local boy from Oceanside, California, Marlon is a self-taught drummer.   Starting at the the age of 7,  he always liked playing rock that had rhythm and melody to it. Early versatile drummer influences came from bands like Kiss, Van Halen, Pat Benatar, Blondie and the Police. He loves the sound and feel of Yamaha drums and Pro-mark sticks.

Marty:  Keyboard, Vocals

Marty is very shy and reluctant to share his personal information.  He blushes easily but looks great in a bowler hat.

Rich:  Bass

Born on Camp Pendleton, Maddox has supplied low frequencies for bands across the musical spectrum--from disco/pop, to country/rock, to jam/psychedelia, to electronica.

He began his career in Orange County before moving to the hippie scene in the Santa Cruz mountains.  He migrated to the LA "hair band" scene of the late 70's, and ended up in Seattle in the mid 1980's, in the midst of the grunge scene.

He shares the same birthday as Sting and is often barefoot.

GREG:  Sound, lighting, fog, dance maniac

 Greg is the man with the ipad.  He schleps all the gear, makes the band sound and look great, and usually has more fun than anyone.